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Coralie Gauthier was classically trained at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal and received a bachelor’s degree in music from Concordia University, studying the electroacoustic harp alongside Sarah Pagé. Her curiosity pushed her toward unconventional methods of playing her instrument, integrating effect pedals and real-time sound editing, even practicing the jazz harp in Brazil with such renowned artists as Park Stickney and Deborah Henson-Conant. She also collaborates with a number of contemporary dance projects (Festival Quartiers Danse, Phi Centre, Musée d'art contemporain). Having performed both locally and internationally with various ensembles over the past decade, she now turns her efforts toward Montréal’s experimental electronic scene. Her first solo album for harp and electronic instruments will be released this year.

Chinese-born and based in Montréal, classically trained pianist Vivian Li studied jazz and composition in college, and currently pursues an electroacoustics degree at Université de Montréal. Despite a very rigid training, her artistic practice goes beyond the traditional realm, ranging from sound and visual installations to radiophonic production and live performance. Fascinated by the unknown and the uncharted, she broadens her art through spontaneous and experimental creations; accordingly, her first EP aims to explore the musical side of everyday environments.

Echönymphia CA/QC+CN/QC
World Premiere

A collaborative and eclectic project between harpist Coralie Gauthier and pianist Vivian Li, Echönymphia draws from the sounds of nature in order to paint soundscapes filled with shimmering textures, vivid colors and dreamlike melodies, merging electronic harp and synth modified through an array of effect pedals. Wandering away from traditional musical covenants, their ethereal and ephemeral compositions evolve intuitively, submerging the audience in an organic universe where temporality itself is deconstructed.


Duo Echönymphia composed of Montréal harpist Coralie Gauthier and pianist Vivian Li, originally from China and based in Montréal.


A dive into augmented nature (2021)


The two classically trained musicians reject musical conventions and offer adaptive and intuitive compositions, influenced by the energy emanating from the crowd, the moment and the environment.