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Efe Ce EleCO/ES

Efe Ce Ele<sup>CO/ES</sup>
Efe Ce EleCO/ES

Currently based in Barcelona, Efe Ce Ele (Feli Cabrera López) is a Colombian musician, producer and transmedia artist focused on the possible interactions between body, sound, image and technology. During her childhood, López followed a path of no return in the world of music, learning various instruments and playing with different bands until her adolescence. López’ debut in electronic music began at the age of 18, when she arrived in Buenos Aires. It was during this time that Efe Ce Ele began taking private lessons in sound synthesis, sampling techniques and music production, which has informed her work ever since.

Others is an A/V live set in which Efe Ce Ele creates immersive, real-time environments where sound and imagery evolve in a constant state of transformation, ranging from figurative aliens to abstract figures and lights. The audience is immersed in an impactful audiovisual show spanning from ambient sounds to experimental dance music. The performance explores the intersection of living creatures and virtual synthetic entities, showcasing their coexistence.

Presented as part of the Keychange project, led by Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

As a musician, producer, and transmedia artist, Efe Ce Ele is known for her interdisciplinary and cinematographic performances, which merge the realms of the body, sound, image, science, and technology.


Inside (Dissident Movement, 2020)
Nacer (Ediciones Éter, 2020)
Coltan (sound-space, 2020)
Sync (2019)


Efe Ce Ele is the founder of the Latin American electronic music label, Fragment A, created in collaboration with Estéticas Expandidas International Festival.