Montréal Québec Canada
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Huma is the personal project of Andrés Satué. Born in Galicia but based in Barcelona, he has an extensive career in musical experimentation, from his first math-kraut-rock and prog bands, to experimental electronics with his previous project Esquelas and now with Huma.

He has released several albums under labels including Bestiarie, ENSMBLE and Matapadre. He participated in the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Madrid, played at some of the most relevant Spanish experimental electronics festivals and is co-founder of Hedonic Reversal label and Bicefal Festival.

He also runs a monthly radio show with his label partner Miguel Sueiro at Dublab Barcelona.


Hedonic Reversal, Bestiarie, ENSMBLE, Matapadre.


Eva: Remixes (Hedonic Reversal, 2020)
Eva (Hedonic Reversal, 2019)
Yocto / Yotta (Hedonic Reversal, 2018)
Las tres fases del movimiento (Hedonic Reversal, 2016)

Group Members

Andrés Satué
Mastering: Pedro Pina
Art direction and design: Miguel Sueiro
Cover illustration: Mitrilo