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Jump Cut #2CA/QC+QC/FR

Jump Cut #2<sup>CA/QC+QC/FR</sup>
Jump Cut #2CA/QC+QC/FR
Connect CTM 2 - Première (MTL)

09.03 | 21:00_22:44
Live A/V: 21:55_22:20

Connect CTM 2 - Replay (EU)

09.04 | 15:00_16:44
Live A/V: 15:55_16:20

Connect CTM 2 - Replay (JP)

09.04 | 08:00_09:44
Live A/V: 08:55_09:20

Jump Cut is a six-part cable-access-style web series of streamed collaborations between multidisciplinary international artists. Conceived by Dana Gingras/Animals of Distinction as a way to survive and thrive in these times, Jump Cut is an opportunity to curate an unpredictable encounter between artists who are currently working in isolation. Each episode will feature a unique combination of artists to create a multi-disciplinary collaboration that will only be accessible as a unique on line experience.

Jump Cut #2 CA/QC+CA/FR

The second episode for the series features Montréal based electronic musician Marie Davidson, Paris based Canadian video artist Sabrina Ratté and Montréal based choreographer/dancer Dana Gingras. Treating the body like a living sculpture, the emphasis is on capturing the minutiae of movement and morphing the human body back and forth between a virtual body. This dialogue is coupled with sound to create a sense of an altered corporeal reality.

The Jump Cut series is co commissioned by CTM Festival in Berlin, an internationally recognized platform for adventurous music and art.