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Mathew JonsonCA

Mathew Jonson<sup>CA</sup>
Mathew JonsonCA

08.20 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Credit: David Terranova

Mathew Jonson, a stalwart in the electronic dance music scene, melds a profound grasp of classical piano and jazz drumming roots with the pulsating energies of techno and house. Born into a musical family, Jonson encountered synthesizers by age nine, setting the stage for his later explorations into sound. His creative process is a testament to a deep-seated dedication to analog gear and real-time performance, eschewing the digital drag-and-drop for a hands-on manipulation of sonics that feel both raw and refined.
Johnson’s audacity springs from his early influences found in the deeper, more idiosyncratic spectrums of Victoria’s techno parties, eventually shaping his signature style that resonates through the underground and beyond. As a cofounder of the Wagon Repair label and a key figure in ensembles like Cobblestone Jazz and Midnight Operator, his commitment to collaboration is evident, nurturing a vibrant community of like-minded artists.
Jonson’s discography includes momentous tracks and albums that highlight his dual ability to shake dancefloors and stir introspective emotions, with landmark releases like Marionette and Decompression, and introspective albums such as Agents of Time. His live performances, celebrated for their energetic and unscripted nature, exemplify his status as a true performer who thrives in the spontaneity of the moment.

Mathew Jonson CA

At MUTEK, Mathew Jonson will unveil his mastery in melding classical influences with raw techno energy. A virtuoso of analog synths and live, improvisational electronic sets, Jonson's creative process breathes life into every performance. Drawing from a rich palette of personal and musical histories, he crafts a sonic experience that transcends the typical, making each note a unique journey.


Mathew Jonson is a Canadian musician and producer based in Berlin.


Magic Through Music (2020)
Typerope (2020)
Agents of Time (2020)


Mathew Jonson began playing music at the age of 9, thanks to the sounds of breakdancing, which led him to take up the synthesizer.


Mathew Jonson, Freedom Engine, Cobblestone Jazz, Modern Deep Left Quartet