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Myriam Boucher & Kathy HindeCA/QC+UK

Myriam Boucher & Kathy Hinde<sup>CA/QC+UK</sup>
Myriam Boucher & Kathy HindeCA/QC+UK

Myriam Boucher is keyboardist turned visual artist working on the real-time dialogue between music and images. She initially gravitated towards classical piano, jazz and then post-rock, before turning to electroacoustics. Her current Ph.D. research in videomusic composition proposes a classification of image/sound relationships. Boucher approaches video much in the same way as she did music composition, through a visual interface that sees her fleshing out digital timelines.

Kathy Hinde's work represents a cross between kinetic sound sculptures and newly invented musical instruments. She draws systems, models, and data from animal behaviours, biodiversity and dynamic ecosystems. Birds, water, bogs and ecosystems come alive through bespoke software, objects and inquisitive forms of media. Hinde has played in electronic music trio Powerplant and worked with composer Maja S.K. Ratkje and musician Andreas Borregaard.

Myriam Boucher & Kathy Hinde CA/QC+UKLITTORAL
World Premiere

LITTORAL is a performance by Myriam Boucher and Kathy Hinde combining sculptural objects, sound and light. This audiovisual piece explores concepts concerned with rising sea levels by incorporating scientific data around coastal erosion, thermal expansion, sediment compaction and climate change. The result of residencies in Montréal (at MUTEK 2018) and in the UK (at the Cryptic Cove Park residency), LITTORAL seeks to explore boundaries and edges by inhabiting the spaces in between.

LITTORAL (definition): The shore zone between high tide and low tide points.

A Cryptic MUTEK Commission supported by QC-UK Connections Programme, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Canada Council for the Arts, in association with Cove Park. Presented as part of Moving Matter, a project by Cryptic and MUTEK, with the support of the British Council and the Quebec government.

AMPLIFY D.A.I is an initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires, Artlab in Argentina, Oi Futuro in Brazil and Somerset House Studios in the UK. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Instituto Nacional de la Música and Fundación Williams.


Montréal-based video artist, composer and sound artist Myriam Boucher and UK audiovisual artist Kathy Hinde


Hinde: Twittering Machines (2019), Chirp & Drift (2018), Vocal Resonances (2018)
Boucher: Signature Sonore de Poitiers (2019-2021), Héros (2020)


In Littoral, the artists perform live with objects, field recordings, lights, lenses and water, to explore the refraction of sound and light integrated with digital abstractions and manipulations.