Montréal Québec Canada
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Born in Vancouver in 1999, sound engineer, drummer and music producer Matthew Coulombe has since settled in Montréal. First learning the piano and guitar as a child, he developed a passion for the drums at 15, a passion which naturally led him to drum machines and sequencers. Under the moniker Nixtrove, Coulombe overlaps layers upon layers of syncopated beats, delves into polyrhythmic structures, splinters and deconstructs cadences and melodies in order to create electronic music that integrates and blends shades of IDM, Acid, Drum and bass, Breakbeat, Ambient, Dub and Bass music into a uniquely left field sound. Supremely prolific, Nixtrove has self-released nearly 20 albums and EPs in the last four years.

For his debut MUTEK performance, Nixtrove will pay homage to Acid, Electro and Glitch through a decidedly deconstructionist approach to rhythm and melody. His compositions will be transformed in real time, leaving ample room for improvisation. A live set sure to be both cerebral and emotional, revealing Nixtrove’s personal insight into dance music.


Sound engineer, drummer and music producer Matthew Coulombe was born in Vancouver in 1999 and is now based in Montréal. As Nixtrove, he aims to blend various styles of electronic music.


Matte recorded (2022)
Sun’s Drag (2022)
Broke (2022)
Body (2021)
Recode (2021)


Matthew Coulombe has been enamored with visual arts since childhood. His passion has only grown since, as he now creates 3D models and visuals with Max/MSP/Jitter.