Montréal Québec Canada
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Noha is a musician like few others in the contemporary electronic music domain. A staggeringly creative individual, he is also a painter of some distinction. Born and raised in Rome, Noha has harboured a fascination with music from a young age, but it was when he discovered electronic music that he gradually began to swap the paintbrush for the studio.

Having moved to Berlin a few years back, he founded a label called PanickPanick! in the German capital in 2017. A vehicle for his own distinguished compositions as well as various other fledgling newcomers, it quickly earned support from some of electronic music’s more discerning players. Always driven by a love for travelling and exploration, Noha has spent time in Japan, an experience that severely influenced both his outlook on life and music. His Persimmon release on the Tokyo label, Vis Rev Set, offers a fascinating insight into this experience and how it has helped hone his unique and always intricate sound.

The endlessly versatile Noha enjoyed a whirlwind in 2018, with releases on Archie Hamilton’s Moscow label, Yoyaku’s Tartouffe labeland perhaps most memorably, his collaboration with Alex Tea, Chi Ci Pensa as Patagonia firmly putting his name in the global electronic music spotlight.


Montréal-based DJ, producer and label manager Noha


Constant Black
Panick Panick!
Oscillat Music


Midnight Zone EP (Panick Panick!, 2022)
Beating Expectations (Constant Black, 2020)
Nobody ‎12" (Oscillat Music, 2019)