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Parts ProjectCA/QC

Parts Project<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Parts ProjectCA/QC

Born in Winnipeg in 1982, Allan Hanley developed his creativity and took to the stage from a young age, performing theater, dance, improvisation and playing in several bands. His artistic epiphany happened in 1999 when he discovered the powerful beats of drum & bass. He then bought turntables and began a journey through the underground scene, which brought him to Montréal in 2012. After 15 years of djing and producing some respectable work under several names, a decision was made to switch to a live-based performance and production concept using machines in 2019 and Parts Project was born.

Under his alias, the artist creates live hardware act that explores and interprets sound system culture, techno, and breakbeat styles, leveraging samplers, drum machines and loopers to create raw, driving and undeniably human dance floor experiences. Through his technique, he aims to bring color, character, and often darkness to the discipline of beat making and performance, twisting rave’s past and future into new shapes. Orchestrating structures in real time and riffing pads and parameters on a rhythmic bedrock, Parts Project is an interactive experience. Audience members are partly responsible for the music’s behavior whether they know it or not.

For MUTEK, Parts Project’s performance Steps And Dreams will celebrate the beauty of imperfection with sample rate reduction, background noise, distortion and saturation in all their time-worn character. Sober, nostalgic melodies, crunchy drums, lofi field recordings, and filtered infinite reverb tails invoke the constant backdrop of city life, performed live using hardware samplers.


Montréal-based beat maker, DJ and producer Allan Halley, also known as Parts Project


Audio Bambino, Conscious Wave, DRT Cake, Mixtechs Recordings, Trisect, Really Good Recordings, Woodwork Recordings


Defense (2022)
Monter (2021)
Vibe (2021)
Patong (2021)


With his show, Parts Project seeks to create a moment of collective vulnerability where we accept ourselves and each other, encouraging people to connect and let go.