Montréal Québec Canada
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08.24 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Credit: Rita Taylor

Piu is a vocalist, composer, and producer who adorns ambient soundscapes with hard hitting synth riffs, raga-inspired vocals, and global rhythms. Trained in Indian classical vocals, she resides on Vancouver Island. Her work involves an intricate layering of organic and synthetic elements, with her compositions often starting from unconventional chord progressions and complex rhythmic patterns. She draws from the emotive forces of minimalist music and the frontiers of modern electronic sounds.
With seven singles released since 2021 and a debut album on the horizon, Piu is an active participant in the musical and experimental sound communities across British Columbia. She holds an influential role as the Associate Artistic Producer for the Active / Passive Performance Society in Galiano, and has just done a residency at PHI Nord in January 2024.

Piu CAEvolving Echoes
Live | World Premiere

Piu presents Echoes, a performance that marries Indian classical vocals with expansive electronic landscapes. Through her live set, accompanied by dynamic visuals, she explores the evolving nuances of a single theme, transforming it across varied musical territories from contemplative atmospheres to rhythmic techno pulses. Her approach involves a fusion of organic and synthetic sounds, drawing on minimalist influences and modern electronic vibes, that invites deep emotional engagement.


Piu is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist based on Vancouver Island.


Beloved (2023)
Mixed Signals (2023)

Piu Sounds