Montréal Québec Canada
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Presqu'Île is a collective project composed of six musical artists establishing improvisation and conversation as tools for creation and intuitive artistic development. Everything that Presqu'Île reveals in live performance is the purest expression of a desire to follow and amplify the feelings of each and every one of us and to dialogue in that language which precedes us and will outlive us; a language without a name which whispers to us to freely follow our inner tides.

The project brings together poet and singer Geneviève B-Blain, singer Frédérique Chassé and her intimate spoken word, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Mathieu Deschênes on trumpet, self-taught guitarist Jasmin Baillargeon, and finally Simon St-Louis and Philippe Gratton, both formerly linked to the Montréal DJ scene, with their old-school drum machines and bizarre samples.

Presqu'île CA/QCLe Fleuve Automatique

A Presqu'île show is a game where no one dominates. The two voices answer each other, support each other, destabilize each other through words that often come out of the unconscious. The musicians offer themselves opportunities. A year of joint exploration has led to the decision to pursue musical improvisation so as not to constrain the creative impulses at the heart of their project. A unique performance to discover on Saturday, August 28 on the outdoor stage of the Parterre du Quartier des Spectacles.


Multidisciplinary artists' collective specialized in musical improvisation, composed of Geneviève B-Blain, Frédérique Chassé, Jasmin Baillargeon, Mathieu Deschênes, Simon St-Louis and Philippe Gratton.


Un Sandwich pour l'Éternité (2021)


The collective formed after a 12-hour jam in October 2019.