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Sapphire Slowsjp

Sapphire Slows<sup>jp</sup>
Sapphire Slowsjp
Nocturne 5

08.27 | 10:00 pm_4:00 am
Live: 12:10 am_12:55 am

Sapphire Slows is what you might call an everything-ist: she produces, DJs, plays synth and her eerie, drone-like vocals float over her tracks, embellishing their shadowy textures. While some of her songs are submerged in a blue-ish, slo-mo haze – as her name suggests –, others have a sound that is both indelible and difficult to neatly categorize. Taking cues from minimal, electronica, ambient and off-kilter pop, her own music feels greater than the sum of these parts, combining an unerring sense for space, detail and atmosphere with slow-motion melodies and heady, cosmic vocals to create something personal and truly unique.
Now a notable name in Tokyo’s electronic music scene, Sapphire Slows first became motivated to pursue a career in music after the brutal awakening of the 2011 earthquakes in Japan. She aims to produce music which acts as a vector for inspiring positive change and fostering community, as well as a vehicle for healing.
Since her debut in the Tokyo music scene, she has toured North America, Europe, China, Australia and her home country of Japan, and released an impressive body of work through labels Not Not Fun, 100% Silk, Kaleidoscope, Nous Disques, Kalahari Oyster Cult, Hivern Discs and most recently AD93.

While Tokyo-based DJ and producer Sapphire Slows has always preferred the production process to live performance, her encounter with the Buchla allowed her to access a new perceptual approach to sound. Her performances are thus imbued with the materiality of the Buchla, while tapping into unexpected psychedelic potential.


Hailing from Hiroshima, Sapphire Slows is a Tokyo-based producer, DJ and synth enthusiast exploring the farthest reaches of ambient soundscapes.




Emotion Still Remains EP (Mundus, 2020)


Sapphire Slows is currently working on the remix of a Thai poem for Sunju Hargun’s record label.