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Originally from Mozambique and now based in Montréal, singer, musician, songwriter and producer Samito first came to prominence in 2016 with his tracks Tiku La Hina and Cem Cem (Kitsuné), both of which propelled him on the world stage. A graduate of McGill’s music program and recipient of several awards (Félix, SOCAN, Révélation Radio-Canada…), he joined forces with Montréal producer, composer and sound engineer Haig Vartzbedian, best known for his work with Bran Van 3000 and Muzion – and himself also a recipient of numerous awards (Juno, Félix…) – in order to form an original musical entity attuned to Montréal’s cultural diversity.
Blending South African Amapiano sounds with those of French House, Afro House and R&B, underscored with mostly Portuguese lyrics, SPRLUA rises above the ranks of traditional bands and aims to explore creative paths that lay outside the music industry’s conventional frameworks. Since its formation, the duo released several tracks, first on their 2022 debut album Magnum Dopus, then the recently remixed Magnus Dopus 2. The latter contains eight versions of Magnum Dopus reimagined by various collaborators from cities across the world (Johannesburg, Rome, Tokyo, Veracruz, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montréal), highlighting SPRLUA’s interaction and greater integration with a thriving musical scene, both in Canada and abroad.

For their first MUTEK appearance, SPRLUA’s live/DJ set hybrid performance will mainly focus on tracks from Magnum Dopus and Magnum Dopus 2 (their debut album and its remixed version), combining brisk and electrifying Amapiano, Afro House and R&B rhythms with vintage House effects, along with a sprinkling of Rap.


Montréal electronic music producers Samito and Haig V combine their talents in order to experiment with South African Amapiano and French House sounds under the pseudonym SPRLUA.




Magnum Dopus 2 (2023)

Magnum Dopus (2022)


The phenomenon known as “Superlua de Sangue de Lobo”, a rare lunar eclipse happening in the middle of winter, inspired the duo’s project name, stylized as SPRLUA.