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A Symphony of Noise & Bell Tower of False Creek

A Symphony of Noise & Bell Tower of False Creek
A Symphony of Noise & Bell Tower of False Creek

Thursday, September 23, 2021
6:00 pm


A Symphony of Noise
Enrique Sánchez Lansch │ Allemagne, 2021 │ 96 min

UK-based house musician and avant-garde composer Matthew Herbert has always fancied himself a bit of a mischief-maker. But, for all his stunts and provocations, Herbert is first and foremost interested in showing us new ways of hearing. Some of his most famous projects have interrogated what the life and death of a pig sound like, what a tree hears in the forest, and what a battered and deep-fried trumpet can teach us about Brexit. Enrique Sánchez Lansch offers a crash course in Herbert’s musical philosophy and activism. From Herbert’s UK home studio, across the Dover Strait, and into the depths of Berlin’s Berghain, A Symphony of Noise presents an enfant terrible at the height of his powers contending with uncertain times.

Bell Tower of False Creek
Randolph Jordan │ Canada, 2017 │ 12 min

An experimental documentary made from archival materials and newly shot Super-8, Bell Tower of False Creek takes as its subject Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge, in order to bring into conversation notions of soundscape, noise pollution, and indigenous land claim

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