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Digital Block Party | MAPP_MTL 2022

Digital Block Party | MAPP_MTL 2022
Digital Block Party | MAPP_MTL 2022

Friday, September 23, 2022
5:00 pm_8:30 pm

Van Horne Skatepark


For its seventh edition, MAPP_MTL returns in full force to spotlight creators from here and from around the world: festivities combining mapping and electronic music performances in a neighbourhood ambiance. On Friday, September 23rd, discover MUTEK's digital block party programming.

Ultima Esuna CA/MX

Ultima Esuna is a Canadian, Montreal-based sound designer/composer of Mexican music, creating lush, dreamy productions that span dembow, steady drums, seductive percussion, Latin elements and smooth house sounds. With roots in her beloved Mexico, she brings out reverberating notes of cumbia and intense cowbells.

laced CA/QC – DJ Set

laced is a Montreal-based DJ and producer who draws her influences from UK bass, IDM, techno and breakbeat. She is part of Saudade, a musical project inspired by industrial dub, ambient and jazz, blending electronic synthesis and the acoustic domain with harpist Marilou Lyonnais Archambault. She founded her own label Causal Chain, releasing music from Montreal and elsewhere and co-founded the label Audio Bambino with her partner and close friends.

Martyn Bootyspoon CA/QC

Martyn "Mr." Bootyspoon, the Montreal-based DJ with a sharp sense of humor, who is dedicated to transforming genre conventions and adapting them to the Internet age. Bootyspoon's blend of raunchy house and digital club has seduced dance floors around the world, earning him the legitimate title of Rave Lothario. Each project is unique, raucous and debauched. He blends influences ranging from ghettotech to Chicago house to sexy RnB to grime.

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