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MUTEK x Standard Time

MUTEK x Standard Time
MUTEK x Standard Time

Saturday, February 10, 2024
8:00 pm_3:00 am

Standard Time


(taxes and fees included)

MUTEK x Standard Time presents the debut of MoMA Ready and Flabbergast plus new live sets from Standard Time family members, sanjeet and Seastill!

Wyatt D. Stevens aka MoMA READY is an audio visual artist & film maker as well as the Owner of the lifestyle and music label Haus of Altr. Both MoMA Ready and the label draw inspiration from the energy of deep house, techno and rave, with an underbelly of skateboarding culture. Using soulful vocal track, deep 909 beats, rolling acid cuts and unmatched energy, MoMA gets his point across.

Vincent Lemieux (Musique Risquée / MUTEK) and Guillaume Coutu Dumont are Flabbergast! The two long-time friends hit the studio to conjure up some heavy grooving tunes that feed directly from their respective backgrounds in the sophisticated end of the house and techno spectrum. Their performances, always improvised, are a mix of djing and live artistry. They play back to back, side by side and one on top of another trying (and mostly succeeding) to manage the chaos. True story.

sanjeet is no stranger to Standard Time and with every appearance she delivers something different! Expect her to debut a new live / djing hybrid performance that has us all waiting in anticipation!

Seastill aka Fezz Stenton is another regular contributor to the Standard Time sphere. Tonight we are promised an early live experience that will set the experimental tone for the evening.

Cymatiques II
An audio and visual evening where musicians and visual artists are paired, invited by the Kohlenstoff collective.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

7:00 am_11:30 pm

Centre Phi

MUTEK - Event Placeholder