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WHAT IS: FUTURISM | The Future Resonates

WHAT IS: FUTURISM | The Future Resonates
WHAT IS: FUTURISM | The Future Resonates

Saturday, May 13, 2023
3:00 am_11:00 pm

The Music Gallery


(taxes and fees included)

What Is: is a multipart performance and discussion series that examines the threads that tie music together. This year’s theme, futurism, examines the complexities of making music for the future, reaching beyond optimism and considering a future that may not promise to be so bright.

The structure at 918 Bathurst was once home to the Buddhist community of Toronto. Its reverberant wooden A-frame contains layers of dreams and praises that make the venue feel incredibly special. So what if, with more intention, we aim to embed futures into these beams.

Audio and visual artists create a 7 hour day dedicated to interpretations of the future. What does the future sound like? What pockets of hope do we want future generations to stumble upon? How can this resonance be used to share lessons?

Alongside this presentation, Acote & Fezz Stenon’s Fluid Index will run as an installation in the Gallery room, as a further space of congregation and discourse.

Teaming up with Imbue Detroit and MUTEK Montréal, The Music Gallery dives into the depths of sonic futures with audio-visual experiences.

Masayuki Tomita
Francois Dillinger

Harriet Fran
Light Bender

Installation Artists:
Ashely Worden


918 Bathurst, is not currently wheelchair accessible due to stairs (two half-flights to enter the performance space, and one flight to access the washrooms). We will have ear plugs, sunglasses, and a ‘therapeutic room’ for those that need it. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to


We strongly encourage masking at all times. For the full policy, click here.


We expect all attendees and community members to respect one another, and to respect the work that was created for you to explore. We will not tolerate harm or harmful behaviour of any kind. View the policy here.

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Monday, May 15, 2023

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