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Aleksandir (Alexander Lawrence) is an Istanbul-based DJ and producer. Adopting the transliteration of his birth name into his native Turkish, Alex’s first releases explored hushed strains of house on Blind Jacks Journey and Seb Wildblood’s Church. His breakout hit ‘Yamaha’ (2018) hinted at a more club-ready sound and its overnight success spurred him on to hone his skills as a DJ, touring far and wide in a pre-pandemic world. In 2020, Aleksandir released his sophomore album ‘Skin’ on Omena, distilling disparate influences and a unique musical sensibility into inventive and emotive electronica.

Off the back of a long and torturous writer’s block, recent singles see Aleksandir celebrating a newly found inspiration and love for the craft. Having recently relocated to London, Alex is enjoying life in Hackney and self-releasing music at his own pace and leisure. When he’s not noodling on Logic or nudging the jog wheel, Aleksandir co-pilots the Artesian Sounds label and co-curates the club night Miks in London.