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Ambre cielCA/QC

Ambre ciel<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Ambre cielCA/QC

A graduate of Université de Montréal’s Music Faculty, singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Hébert first came to fame under the pseudonym f l o r r before developing her Ambre ciel persona. She released her first EP Vague distance in early 2021, a remarkable entry in both Québec’s musical scene and the larger francophone world, and one that notably received heaping praises in the media. Ambre ciel creates impressionist music that is both pop and cinematic, one which shines through its neoclassical arrangements, its ambient textures and its lyrical poetry. Hébert wields the piano, the violin and a plethora of synthesizers in order to paint delicate and idyllic soundscapes. Her artistic process aims to blur the boundaries between musical genres by crafting new and uncharted spaces that are somehow strangely familiar.

Ambre ciel creates spacious and contemplative soundscapes. In concert, her compositions shine through an eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. For her debut appearance at MUTEK, Jessica Hébert will showcase tracks from her latest EP Vague distance, as well as original and unpublished material.


Singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Hébert’s latest project, Ambre Ciel, expertly blends ambient, neo-classical and pop influences.


Vague distance EP (2021)


Jessica Hébert’s truly original project was a finalist for the 2021 edition of iconic showcase festival Les Francouvertes.