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AVR010 / PRIFMA<sup>AR</sup>
Connect AMPLIFY D.A.I. - Première (MTL)

08.25 | 21:00_22:32
Live A/V: 21:00_21:29

Connect AMPLIFY D.A.I. - Replay (JP)

08.26 | 08:00_09:32
Live A/V: 08:00_08:29

Connect AMPLIFY D.A.I. - Replay (EU)

08.26 | 15:00_16:32
Live A/V: 15:00_15:29

Emilia Monin, known as AVR010 is an argentinian musician and producer. Bachelor in music & technology from the Quilmes’ university in Buenos Aires. Her productions are filled with a freedom spirit, where labelling doesn’t have a place, so that all possibilities that electronic music provides can be explored in an experimental way. In her creative process she uses samples recorded with Tascam, which are later cropped and edited, also owning and using voices found in filmic series, mixing them with melodic and rhythmic loops. During 2019, living in Berlin, she finished production of her first EP Forget about this record, edited through the argentinian label Isla Visión. This album of an electronic profile, travels between the use of samples, digital composition and analog synthesis. In 2021, she was selected by the national open call developed by INAMU (National Music Institute of Argentina) which paved the way for her to participate in Artlab’s Artist-In-Residence Programme in collaboration with British Council’s program Amplify D.A.I.

Mercedes Invernizzi Oviedo is a multimedia artist, activist, performance and communicator born in Cuba. She studied the Multimedia Arts career in Argentina’s National University of the Arts (UNA). She actively participates in the Articiclo and Asolar transfeminist collectives, that promote urban interventions in defense of human rights and the LGBTIQ+ community. Since 2019 she is part of the Amplify D.A.I programme, the global network of women artists and curators that work in digital arts. She co-created, with Laura Fuchs, the luminical installations and visuals artistic project PRIFMA. With this proposal, they have performed in festivals and events such as: The Wrong-New Digital Art Biennale, MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Argentina, Festival Amplify D.A.I. en Fundación Telefónica - Perú, 48 hs, Neukölln’ - Berlín, Festival Artístico de la Universidad Nacional de las Artes (FAUNA), La Noche de los Museos’(Museo de la Cárcova), and the Digital Arts residency at Somerset House Studios, 2019 (UK).

Argentinian artist Laura Fuchs is a photographer, multimedia visual artist and workshop developer currently living in Buenos Aires. In her projects, she integrates the study of botanics with art, using her gardening studios coursed in the Agronomy School of the University of Buenos Aires. She graduated from the Vocational Art Institute with a specialization in audiovisual media and studied photography in IMDAFTA. Since 2019 she is part of the Amplify D.A.I programme. She co-created, with Mercedes Invernizzi, the luminical installations and visuals artistic project PRIFMA.

AVR010’s first live performance meets PRIFMA’s terrenal & fantastic live visuals. Light travels through little translucent sculptures simulating crystals, forming a cellular landscape that is explored and registered with a webcam. The footage is intervened live with digital techniques while a giant LED screen contains the mix of samplers and synthesizers executed by AVR010.
This collaboration launches the first part of the Artlab’s Artist-In-Residence Programme in collaboration with British Council’s Amplify D.A.I.

Appears as part of AMPLIFY D.A.I, an initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires, Artlab in Argentina, Oi Futuro in Brazil and Somerset House Studios in the UK. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Instituto Nacional de la Música and Fundación Williams.


Buenos Aires based artist, musician and producer Emilia Monin, known as AVR010. Buenos Aires based multimedia artist, activist, performer and communicator Mercedes Invernizzi Oviedo and Argentinian artist, photographer, multimedia visual artist and workshop developer Laura Fuchs.


Caustics, Isla Vision, Dialog


Meeting Halfway EP (2020)
forget about this record (2020)