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Debbie DoeLB/QC

Debbie Doe<sup>LB/QC</sup>
Debbie DoeLB/QC

Montréal-born Debbie Doe specializes in electronic music production and 3D sound design. Having studied electroacoustics at Concordia University and taking inspiration from theatre and the notion of play, their music takes on a myriad of roles where spacious percussions meet unusual samples. In perpetual search of new and creative methods and techniques, they combine field recordings, magnetic tape sampling and analog gear in order to craft multidimensional tracks and live sets, resulting in a fusion of jazz, dub, abstract percussions and breaks with poetic and hypnotic undertones.

Accustomed to the Piknic Électronik and MUTEK stages, Debbie Doe can often be found behind the decks of Stereo and Stereobar and regularly performs at various underground events in Montréal, alongside local and international artists.

Debbie Doe will have festival-goers grooving to the sound of their hearty basslines, otherworldly synths and hypnotic techno loops on the outdoor stage of Quartier des spectacles’ Parterre on Sunday, August 29.


Montréal’s own Debbie Doe, electronic music producer and 3D sound designer.




Âme Céleste (2020)


Born in Montréal to a Lebanese family, Debbie Doe grew up listening to their dad’s musical archives and now integrates Arab music’s complex rhythms and harmonies to their compositions.