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Edna KingCA

Edna King<sup>CA</sup>
Edna KingCA

A classically trained pianist, Edna King played keyboards and sang in Toronto synth-pop bands for several years before branching out into solo electronic production. In 2016, her very first EP Pressurize introduced fans to an industrial setting, harmonic and ethereal vocals and a faster pulse for the first time. A debut project she described as an audio diary of feelings and vulnerabilities.

In the summer of 2017, King performed in Toronto at the pre-festival event Nano MUTEK, in collaboration with the collective It's Not U It's Me. Then, at MUTEK Montréal 2018 and MUTEK Mexico 2018, she surprised her fans with live sets of her most catchy and energetic recent tracks. In 2021, the producer released the Uncomfortable EP, closely followed the following winter by the excellent Francine, more in line with her experimental and ambient sound aesthetic.

Despite her electronic dynamism, Edna King's music is driven by a deeply human emotional current. A hazy and hypnotic style that makes this artist a showcase of technical mastery.

This year at MUTEK, the prodigious Edna King will present a live set of recent material, setting the stage for an incredible night of big room techno.


Edna King is a Toronto-based electronic artist. She focuses on mixing polyrhythms with her vocal samplings and industrial textures to create a very unique experience that eludes any genre.


Glauben Records
North of Nowhere Records
Modern Math


Francine (North of Nowhere Records, 2022)
Uncomfortable (Glauben Records, 2021)


To explore the deeper connections between electronic music and images, King enrolled in a graduate program for visual effects.