Montréal Québec Canada
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08.25 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Credit : Juliette Busch

Formed from an unexpected collaboration for a MUTEK_rec release, Flabbergast has evolved significantly since its inception. Comprising of Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Vincent Lemieux, this duo has shifted from spontaneous live improvisations to focused compositions and an increased presence in recorded music since 2014. Drawing on a wide array of influences including electronic music, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary sounds, Flabbergast refuses to be boxed into any single genre. Their diverse expertise allows them to explore and integrate a variety of musical styles into their work, making each piece uniquely broad yet coherent.
Guillaume Coutu Dumont, originally a student of electroacoustic composition and percussion, became a staple in Montréal's vibrant electronic scene before venturing to Paris and Berlin, where he expanded his musical horizons. Returning to Montréal, he re-dedicated himself to Flabbergast and embarked on new projects that blend electronic sounds with organic instrumentation.
Vincent Lemieux has explored nearly every facet of the music industry over two decades. Starting as a DJ, he briefly studied electroacoustic composition and then became deeply involved in music production and distribution, including founding the Musique Risquée label.

Flabbergast CA/QC

Essential duo from the MUTEK universe, Flabbergast duo Guillaume Coutu Dumont and Vincent Lemieux transforms from spontaneous live improvisations to refined compositions. Merging eclectic influences like electronic, jazz, and hip-hop, their performance showcases an evolutionary leap in sound—perfecting a blend that challenges genre confines.


Flabbergast is a duo formed by Vincent Lemieux and Guillaume Coutu Dumont, two artists and friends from Montréal.


Flabbergast celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, but the two long-time friends have been performing and innovating together for almost 20 years around the world.