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Giovanni Magaglio & Leonardo RubboliIT

Giovanni Magaglio & Leonardo Rubboli<sup>IT</sup>
Giovanni Magaglio & Leonardo RubboliIT

Giovanni Magaglio identifies with electro-acoustic music, and specifically focuses on the union between acoustic sound and electronics as his main interest. He graduated with honors and received a degree in Electronic Music at the V. Bellini Conservatory of Palermo and a Sound Design degree at the G.B. Martini of Bologna. In 2013, Magaglio collaborated with MiniM Ensemble and produced Solo by K. Stockhausen and Altra Voce by L. Berio.

From 2017 onward, he worked as a musician, sound designer with the Tempo Reale Musical Research Institute on the realization of various projects, namely the Venice Biennale, the Teatro Comunale di Bologna and the Tempo Reale Festival, which won the 2017 Abbiati prize for Best Contemporary Production.

Today he works as a soundesigner for theater performances, installations, films, short movies and video mappings.

Leonardo Rubboli‘s musical journey began with the guitar, influenced by styles as diverse as traditional folk, hardcore punk and noise music. They then began to progressively approach the fields of electroacoustic research and improvisation, using both analog and digital playback devices and integrating them with self-built instruments, synthesizers and custom software.

In 2017, Rubboli started collaborating with the Tempo Reale Center for Music Production, Research and Education in Florence as a member of the technical and production staff, through which they began to work on a series of installations, shows and concerts in Italy and abroad. And since 2019, they have collaborated both live and in studio with Heith, a project by Daniele Guerrini (Haunter Records), and for the release of the forthcoming album of Berlin-based record label PAN, together with percussionist Jacopo Battaglia.

CAOSMOSI is an artistic research project that investigates the dimension of CHAOS, unveiling the crises that distinguish the contemporary spirit, and imagining new social, cultural, political and economic practices.

CAOSMOSI dives into the chaotic magma of Instagram, acquiring video fragments, photos, sounds and all sort of data, remixing them into a potentially infinite flow: a virtual cosmos within which the infinite possibilities of reality are enclosed.

Moving away from truthful representations, the artists rather aim to evoke a series of abstract and paradoxical visions: dreams capable of conveying new forms of subjectivity.

Art Direction and Concept: Leonardo Rubboli, Giovanni Magaglio
Sound Design: CAOSMOSI Sound Engine
Video Design: CAOSMOSI Video Engine
Motion Graphics: Guo Peixiao
Graphic Design: Ivo Rubboli


The Italian duo composed of Giovanni Magaglio and Leonardo Rubboli, both trained as musicians and sound designers. Magaglio also works as an audio programmer in Tuscany.