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IVAAIU City with Kyoka, Saraam, Geori & VPRKR+JP+US

IVAAIU City with Kyoka, Saraam, Geori & VPR<sup>KR+JP+US</sup>
IVAAIU City with Kyoka, Saraam, Geori & VPRKR+JP+US
Connect PRECTXE - Première (MTL)

08.29 | 21:00_22:19
Live A/V: 21:46_22:19

Connect PRECTXE - Replay (EU)

08.30 | 15:00_16:19
Live A/V: 15:46_16:19

Connect PRECTXE - Replay (JP)

08.30 | 08:00_09:19
Live A/V: 08:46_09:19

IVAAIU City is a collective based in Seoul and Tokyo. IVAAIU stands for Idea, Visual Audio, Architecture, Infrastructure and Urbanism. The collective works in multiple disciplines with artists from various genres, making continuous efforts to materialize the contemporary era.

IVAAIU City with Kyoka, Saraam, Geori & VPR KR+JP+USTranscendental Reality

Throughout the process of producing this live performance, the collective aims to overcome the limits of presence in the same space and to create a collaborative piece in a transcendent reality. They invite five different artist groups, including Kyoka, Saraam, Geori & VPR, who are based in Seoul or who have visited Seoul often in the past. They will not share a space at the same time, but will play interconnected live electronic music that will be perceived as a single work. By composing five different realities into one piece of music, a new kind of reality will be created.

Presented by PRECTXE