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Jump SourceCA/QC

Jump Source<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Jump SourceCA/QC

Jump Source is the collaboration between two long-time friends, Francis Latreille (Priori) & Patrick Holland. Initiated in 2016, the duo took shape after long evenings of four-handed improvisations in a Mile End home studio in Montréal. Venturing out on an MPC 2000XL, a Moog Source, some Juno and modular kits, Jump Source ended up capturing a sound that is very much their own: a soaring, subtle and dense House tinged with delicious quirks. Although the music on their solo projects differs, Jump Source finds a common influence, both in the studio and in their club record selection.
Jump Source has distinguished themselves with four releases: in 2016 with the Guide To Action EP on Montreal's ASL Singles Club label, in 2018 with Homeward on Pacific Rythm, followed by two releases JS01 and JS02 on their own label in 2019 and 2020.

Jump Source CA/QC

After a prolific year for both artists with their solo projects, Jump Source returns to rock the MUTEK outdoor stage on Saturday, August 28 with their groovy and ethearel selecta.


Duo formed in 2016 consisting of Montréal-based DJs and producers Priori and Patrick Holland.


ASL Singles Club, Pacific Rythm


JS02 (2020)
JS01 (2019)
Homeward (2018)


Francis Latreille and Patrick Holland also have prolific solo careers. They both run their own labels: NAFF and Verdicchio Music Publishing.