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Leon LouderCA/QC

Leon Louder<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Leon LouderCA/QC

Leon Louder is a Canadian composer and music producer active since 2003. He makes chaotic, evocative, and celebratory music for paranoid times, incorporating unorthodox sounds and irregular rhythms. Using customized machines, and more recently, handmade acoustic instruments, Louder’s work is populated with percussive oddities, interlocking micro-melodies, and eccentric rhythmic programming, as well as spontaneous manipulation of recorded acoustic sound in real time. After his early output, with its nods to disco and rhythmic invention, he became increasingly attracted to the experimental, improvised electronic music cultures and the close knit DIY communities that connect them.
Staunchly independent, Louder has often relied on his own labels to release music without compromise. He founded the imprint Unfulfillment in 2014 to release his left field house experiments under the moniker Vertigo Inc, which has grown to become a notable local label for artists operating at the crossroads of underground dance and experimental music. His collaborators over the years have included rapper and beat-maker Socalled, sound artist Martin Rodriguez, and visual artist Chris Dorland. He also works as a sound designer, and A/V composer for television, video games, and installations.

In this commissioned work for the Montréal Insectarium | Espace pour la vie, Leon Louder will present a live performance in four movements, created entirely using sampled sounds of insects. Through this sonic ecosystem, the playful, magnetic energy of insects is revealed in strange polyrhythms and emotionally engaged harmonic tapestries.

Celebrating Entomophilia is a series of events presented by the Montréal Insectarium | Espace pour la vie to spread the appreciation of insects. Essential in keeping nature in balance and therefore to our health and well-being, insects become a source of inspiration for creators from various disciplines (gastronomy, visual arts, music, dance, etc.) who then transmit their discoveries, their vision and their enthusiasm to the public.

Montréal-based composer and music producer Leon Louder, also known as Vertigo Inc.




You're Killing Me, Bro (Unfulfillment + Stranger Ways recordings, 2023)

Habitat (2022) w/ Scattered Ensemble

Mechanical Dances (2021)


He recently released You’re Killing Me Bro, a “deranged club mixtape” marrying frenzied rhythms with anarchic radiophonic collage.