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Intercity-Express & Manami SakamotoJP

Intercity-Express & Manami Sakamoto<sup>JP</sup>
Intercity-Express & Manami SakamotoJP

Intercity-Express is an audiovisual project by Tokyo-based artist Tetsuji Ohno. Ohno started working as a DJ in the mid 90's, eventually producing his own works by the turn of the millennium. Throughout his journey as a musician, he has incorporated various styles and genres into his practice, ranging from house and techno to noise and electronica. In addition to his music, Ohno creates A/V works, among which [triggering].triggering. This performance combines generative art with experimental electronic sounds. The audio and visual components of the live performance are fully synchronized with the visualization, expressed through lines, waves, and color patterns. The geometrical visual design changes in accordance with the varying frequencies of the audio input and the shapes associated with the generated sounds.
Recent performances and exhibitions include Scopitone Festival (France), Sónar-D in Lisbon, Sunscape Festival (Malta), FILE (Brazil), AVA (Northern Ireland), L.E.V (Spain), and HPL (Russia).

Manami Sakamoto is a visual artist based in Tokyo. Starting her career as a VJ, she has performed at nightclub events and festivals in Japan as well as large festivals abroad. In recent years, she has been active in the field of digital art, collaborating with musicians on live performance projects, such as MUTEK.JP+MX (Tokyo), MUTEK ES+AR, Refraction Festival (British Columbia), and Japan Connection Festival (Paris).
Her A/V works have been presented on numerous occasions, such as Little Things, an 8-channel surround sound system synchronized with a 360° LED light installation, at the Global Night Museum, curated by MUTEK.JP; and Dot by Dot, 33 moving LED panels synchronized with lighting patterns, at Art Space in Daikanyama.
Sakamoto’s practice merges organic elements and randomness within powerful installations by collaging natural materials, rendered through noise and particles created by 3D computer graphics.

This project by Tokyo-based Intercity-Express and Manami Sakamoto seeks to generate new modes of cognition through synesthesia, showcasing the transformation process from a point (considered as the smallest unit of an object) into various forms in a continuous manner. Although the visual output evokes liquids, mist, and other complex textures, it remains an minimalistic assembly of points. Combining organic abstract melodies and inorganic noises and rhythms, the soundscapes are perfectly synchronized with primitive materials – such as particles and lines –, which creates new designs and regularities.


Tokyo-based Intercity-Express, an audiovisual project by artist Tetsuji Ohno, and visual artist Manami Sakamoto explore the possibilities of synesthesia in a minimalistic performance.