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Nick Leónus

Nick León<sup>us</sup>
Nick Leónus

Nick León’s dystopian club music samples the sounds of Florida’s diverse ecosystem, although his style has varied fearlessly along the way. Entering the rap world at a young age, the Miami-based DJ, producer and musician has collaborated with some of the biggest underground rappers in South Florida. Early on, he gravitates towards the Latin sounds coming out of Puerto Rico and Colombia, which will have a lasting impact on his work. As a self-taught producer and DJ in Miami, he felt compelled to shift his focus to his own work.
After pivoting towards textural elements and buried melodies, he released a handful of projects. Among these is the EP Aguacero, produced under Mexico’s celebrated NAAFI imprint. The album encapsulates the growing anxiety of a generation growing up in a city threatened by the very things that help make it beautiful. A bittersweet invitation to dance through the impending storm of uncertainty ushered in by climate change.
Recently, León released his highly anticipated Xtasis EP on TraTraTrax, which featured DJ Babatr and remixes by Doctor Jeep and Pearson Sound. He also started 2022 on a high note, claiming a production credit on one of the most well reviewed albums of the year – MOTOMAMI by Rosalía. In addition to coveted spots on Miami’s III Points festival, he contributes to various film scores and productions for a slew of artists.

In this world premiere, DJ, producer and musician Nick León promises a live performance where experimental electronic music, techno and downtempo collide, taking cues from the Miami music scene. Contemplative musical atmospheres are followed by euphoric compositions, resulting in an intoxicating performance.


DJ, producer and experimental music artist based in Miami, Nick León is a key figure in propelling and revitalizing the Miami club scene to new heights.


TraTraTrax, NAAFI


2023 EDITS (2023)

Xtasis (TraTraTrax, 2022)

2022 EDITS (2022)

Rompediscoteka (TraTraTrax, 2021)

Aguacero (NAAFI, 2020)


Following a residency at Miami’s Floyd Club, Nick León and DJ Python co-produced the EP esplit in February 2023, bringing together dembow, reggaeton and psychedelic sounds.