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Meuko! Meuko! & NONEYETW

Meuko! Meuko! & NONEYE<sup>TW</sup>
Meuko! Meuko! & NONEYETW

08.24 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am
Live A/V

Credit: Lin

Meuko! Meuko!, the artistic alias of Taipei-based Pon, stands out in experimental music with her unique blend of glitchy dance tracks enriched with toy noises and dense samples. Her collaborations with visual group NAXS corp. enhance her performances, creating immersive, audio-visual experiences. Her work, deeply rooted in Taiwan's spiritual and urban tapestry, explores themes of techno-animism and urban escapism, particularly in her acclaimed release, 鬼島 Ghost Island. Live, her shows are dynamic, integrating improvisation with a mix of field recordings and conceptual noise, reflecting the decay and spirituality of her urban surroundings, inviting audiences into a rich, mythological soundscape.
KUO Chih-Yi, known as NONEYE, is a Taiwanese interdisciplinary developer and media artist. As co-founder and director of NAXS Corp, he merges virtual reality, multiplayer gaming, and audio-visual performances in his work. He constructs systems that intertwine physical and virtual realms, exploring the intersection of mythology and technology. His significant contributions range from immersive virtual theater to networked experiments under NAXS Corp and 0xCORE. His projects have been featured internationally at venues like Transmediale and Ars Electronica. In 2022, he initiated Protoworld, a platform for artists to experiment with new media tools and virtual spaces.

Meuko! Meuko! & NONEYE TW Invisible General
Live A/V | North American Premiere

Invisible General by Meuko! Meuko! and NONEYE dives into the digital ether, exploring themes of spiritual isolation and resistance through noise and percussion. Inspired by a ghost-worshiping temple in Taipei, this performance blends traditional beliefs with contemporary data-driven artistry, probing the essence of lost souls in a technologically dominated world.


The Taiwanese-born duo is made up of producer and experimental artist Meuko! Meuko! and interdisciplinary developer NONEYE.


Danse Noire


生門.proto (2021)
鬼島 Ghost Island (2018)


Meuko! Meuko! performed monthly on NTS webradio from 2017 to 2022.