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Mike ShannonCA/DE

Mike Shannon<sup>CA/DE</sup>
Mike ShannonCA/DE

08.25 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am

Credit : Gustavo Saiegh

Mike Shannon navigates from the vibrant techno scenes of Ontario to the influential circles of Berlin. From his teenage years, Shannon's rapid mixing skills and deep crates have garnered acclaim, reflecting his deep roots in the Detroit and Chicago techno soundscapes.

Mike’s career trajectory took a significant turn as he founded the labels Cynosure and Haunt Recordings, platforms that showcase his knack for a jazz-infused electronic sound that continually redefines minimal techno. His collaborative projects, like the Blue Fields trio, highlight his versatility and willingness to transcend traditional musical boundaries.

Now based in Germany, Shannon is not just a producer and DJ but also a curator deeply involved in the evolution of electronic music. His productions and live performances reveal an artist committed to innovation—employing modern modular synthesis techniques and an ever-evolving creative process that challenges and delights.

Mike Shannon CA/DE

Mike Shannon's performance at MUTEK Montréal promises a riveting exploration of deep techno through a sophisticated array of modular synthesis and drum machines. Embodying the essence of Detroit and Chicago influences, Shannon crafts a unique sonic signature that defines Canadian minimal house/techno. His commitment to live improvisation and his role as a curator of Cynosure Recordings highlight his influential contributions to the genre.


Mike Shannon is a Canadian DJ and producer based in Berlin.


Galactics EP (2022)
Cygnus Sutra (2021)