Montréal Québec Canada
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New York-based electronic trio N/UM has come to be regarded as the quintessential pioneer of live electronic music, with fully-improvised live sets featuring the most iconic of analog electronic instruments available, such as Roland’s TR-808, TR-909 and SH-101, combined with vocals, modular synths and guitars in order to create a truly genre-bending experience.

N/UM’s performances and recordings are unique and improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan and no agreed-upon structure. The group unites three long-time friends who have always shared a profound passion for electronic music: five-time Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, Elias Meister, an experimental guitarist with a decade of performance experience, also part of world-renowned rap group Calle 13, fronted by Residente; and Emil Bovbjerg, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer with a background in orchestration, contemporary arranging and composition. The three recorded and performed together in various formations over the past decade, and have once again joined forces as N/UM, a skilled and proficient musical unit capable of enrapturing dancefloors around the world while bringing the unique immediacy and spontaneity of improvisation to places where it is rarely heard: festivals, nightclubs and underground warehouse parties.

New York live electronic trio N/UM will make its debut at MUTEK by showcasing its outrageously danceable brand of improvised electronic music during the festival’s closing party, held at the Société des arts technologiques’ Satosphere. Classic analog textures blended with live vocals and guitars are sure to provide festival-goers with one last full-body workout.


New York live electronic trio N/UM, composed of engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist Elias Meister and multi-instrumentalist and producer Emil Bovbjerg.


Lost Diaries
Positive Elevations Records


Ravens (Positive Elevation Records, 2019)
Aporia (Lost Diaries, 2018)
YES (Ninetofire, 2017)
Zebra (Duro/Ninetofire, 2016)


The word “N/UM” is used by the !Kung people of the Kalahari desert to describe a healing energy used to cure sickness in individuals and the larger community.