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Expérience 3

08.26 | 17:00_23:00 Montréal time
DJ set: 17:00_19:20 Montréal time

Marilou Lyonnais Archambault aka (oum is a visual artist, musician and DJ. Collecting a multitude of musical genres, her mixes juxtapose a variety of styles; from dub to experimental music, dance music, soul and jazz. Marilou is also a member of the musical duo Saudade. She hosts a monthly radio show on n10as. When she is not playing or composing music, she is working on an upcoming visual arts exhibition.

Photo credit: Rin Eadie

(oum CA/QCMusic for dancing & not dancing!

(oum promises a DJ set with an ethereal, opaline and slightly abrasive character. The artist will juxtapose a selection of electronic music with echoes from here and overseas, inspired by a variety of styles: from dub to Berlin school, through iridescent dance music and jazz sounds.


(oum, Marilou Lyonnais Archambault, visual artist, musician and DJ.


Landscape of Hope (2020)


She hosts a monthly radio show on n10as.