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paltamango & MicroclimasCL

paltamango & Microclimas<sup>CL</sup>
paltamango & MicroclimasCL
Connect Sundeck 1 - Première (MTL)

08.31 | 21:00_22:46
Live: 21:27_21:46

Connect Sundeck 1 - Replay (JP)

09.01 | 08:00_09:46
Live: 08:27_08:46

Connect Sundeck 1 - Replay (EU)

09.01 | 15:00_16:46
Live: 15:27_15:46

Antonia Mosso is a producer and DJ based in Valparaíso, Chile. Also known as paltamango, she has formed musical projects such as bvha and others; where she has explored ambient and minimal soundscapes without forgetting a dub & disco tints.

paltamango & Microclimas CL

paltamango's live performance can be described like a rhythm lab experience, through the synchronization and the exploration of different beats and samples. Her perfomance is a bet for creating a path between sonorous deserts and oasis.

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