Montréal Québec Canada
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Piknic Électronik MTL #12

08.27 | 4:00 pm_9:30 pm
DJ set: 4:00 pm

Based in Montréal, SIM —primarily influenced by dancehall artists like King Tubby and Sean Paul, but also Plastikman, Jeff Mills and Equiknoxx— found his entry point into electronic music via the crunching US dubstep sounds of the late 2000s, before later finding his niche in club music. Upon being introduced to Epic B, Uninamise, Hitmakerchinx and Brooklyn’s wider Flex Dance Music scene, but also London’s TSVI, Mina, Kouslin and Jamie Rodigan, SIM began to refine and polish his own productions, culminating in the release of his introspective debut EP, Neural Gain, in February 2019.
Drawing on a myriad of electronic influences gleaned from his hometown of Montréal and a number of tours in Europe and the US, SIM’s work on new EP Terminate treads a different path, meshing together the dancehall sounds of his childhood with the sort of searing, upfront club pressure that has become synonymous with Nervous Horizon over the past five years. SIM’s sonic identity is now quite clear: a mutative approach to slow tech and dancehall, one that has been noted throughout the globe, from the US to Jamaica by way of the UK, merging every part of the dancehall spectrum.

MUTEK Passport or Weekend Pass holders have free access to Piknic Electronik MTL #12 upon presentation of their wristband at the entrance to the event.


Montréal native SIM embraces forward-thinking sounds, conquering new grounds with his own unique take on dancehall.


Nervous Horizon
Causal Chain


Terminate EP (Nervous Horizon, 2021)
Neural Gain EP (Self-released, 2019)


After sending label head TSVI the early versions of Big Mac and Fall, SIM was ultimately commissioned for a full EP and signed onto the illustrious UK imprint.