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Rafael Anton Irisarri & Florence ToUS+UK

Rafael Anton Irisarri & Florence To<sup>US+UK</sup>
Rafael Anton Irisarri & Florence ToUS+UK

Rafael Anton Irissari is considered to be one of contemporary ambient music's most celebrated artists worldwide. His work is predominantly associated with post-minimalist, drone and electronic music, exploring textural aesthetics, characterized by dense layers of reverb and delay, which suggests a more cinematic approach.

His compositions are deeply emotive and epic, with performances in different types of contexts such as museums, churches, synagogues and non-conventional spaces, which highlight the physicalty of his sound. Each live set combines an array of heavy metal bass amplifiers, multiple loudspeaker configurations, synthesizers, bowed guitars, notebook computers. For ATAARPHONOAK, a new performance created in collaboration with visual artist Florence To, the duo delivers a visceral new audiovisual piece whose concept revolves around the manifestation of solar particles entering the Earth's atmosphere, revealing the internal oscillation of its orbit.

Florence To finds in installation art the ideal platform for her multiple lines of research and experimentation. With space, light and sound as primary elements, in each project Florence interprets information on vibration through psychoacoustics, neuroscience and computational processes to build an audiovisual language capable of modifying an architectural environment and triggering cognitive responses and specific emotions. Florence To's installations have been presented at international festivals and galleries such as Unsound, TodaysArt, Berlin Atonal, CTM and MUTEK México in an unforgettable performance in Anahuacalli Museum in collaboration with sound artist Kazuya Nagaya (2018).

Composer and sound artist Rafael Anton Irisarri US and multimedia artist Florence To UK.


Composer and sound artist Rafael Anton Irisarri US and multimedia artist Florence To UK.


Ghostly International, Umor Rex


Rafael Anton Irisarri’s Sacred Variations EP ( Black Knoll Editions, 2022).


This year Florence To premiered Arkheradix, a live performance in collaboration with Felicia Atkinson where text and voice emerge a responsive dialogue between sound and generative typography.