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Skesa is the project of Montréal-based DJ and producer Téo Farley. Born in 1997, Farley grew up listening to his parents' trip-hop and jazz records, which led him to study drums and percussions while a teenager, taking part in various jazz and hip hop bands during that time. He later drew inspiration from house and techno music, leading us one step closer to Skesa's sonic universe. These influences give his music a classic, timeless kind of flavor, a sound we can recognize and draw associations with. The producer also finds ways to include his own personal path and musical training to his project. Since 2019, Skesa has released singles, remixes, and a few EPs all exploring dance music and its declinations, always with an emphasis on percussions and textures. Skesa's the kind of music that makes you dance while chilling, making you move without you noticing at first. Its rhythms and grooves are also cerebral and sophisticated. Farley has opened for acts such as Kaytranada and Patrick Holland and played festivals Piknic Électronik and Future Forest.

Laid back house and techno vibes with organic samples and intricate percussions, that's Montreal-based Skesa's special blend of dance music. Cerebral, technical, with abstract melodies and groovy beats, Skesa's rhythms and anthem-like general feel are addictive.


Skesa is the project of Montréal-based DJ and producer Téo Farley.


Kookoo Records


Inside Out (2023)

System EP (2021)

Anywhere Outside EP (2019)