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SUFYVN is a Toronto-based electronic music producer hailing from Khartoum, known for his use of Sudanese instrumentation and unique approach to percussion. Inspired by the hip hop scene, having first encountered the genre as a teenager through the program MTV, SUFYVN initially started making beats on which to rap, progressively experimenting with electronic music as he discovered artists such as Flying Lotus. Since then, his production has drawn from various musical genres, weaving traditional Sudanese music and rhythms with contemporary beatmaking and synthesizers. EPs such as Ascension (2017) and Pseudarhythm Vol. 3 (2021) expertly showcase the collision of ancient and modern, highlighting the distinctive percussion techniques of Nubian villages located in the north of Sudan. His productions have been featured in various international festivals, such as Sled Island in Calgary (Canada), Arab Film in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and Clandestino in Gothenburg (Sweden).

This performance by SUFYVN continues the artist’s experiments with Sudanese and Nubian sounds within an electronic music context, such as dance, IDM, and experimental genres. While showcasing the cultural musical traditions of Northern villages of Sudan, SUFYVN demonstrates the potential for electronic music to expand and evolve by embracing various influences. Combining futuristic beats with traditional instruments, SUFYVN aims to challenge preconceived notions of what electronic music can be and to inspire creative thinking about the role of tradition in modern music.


SUFYVN is a Toronto-based electronic music producer from Khartoum, whose compositions interweave traditional Sudanese rhythms with electronic music.


Pseudarhythm, Vol. 3 (2021)


As part of the I’m with the banned Spotify series which responded to the 2017 travel ban instituted by Donald Trump, SUFYVN was invited to Canada to create a track with BJ The Chicago Kid.