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Photo Credit: Kane Ocean

Montréal-based Phoebé Guillemot is a music composer, sound designer, music curator, and visual artist. Her solo music project RAMZi, born in 2012, merges soundscapes, electronic, acoustic instruments and visual works. Over the release of 10 albums, RAMZi evolved as a fictional character, taking shape as an animal-spirit from the forest, guardian of a parallel ecosystem emerging from the interplay of nature and technology, nostalgia and futurism, and a musical fusion of genres.

Before releasing albums on her own label FATi Records (inaugurated in 2018), Phoebé released on Total Stasis (LA), Mood Hut (Vancouver), RVNG (New York) and 12th Isle (Glasgow). Her performance will feature some compositions from her new album for the label Music From Memory (NL) to be release in September 2022.

RAMZi will be part of the closing Nocturne party that will take place under the SAT dome, on Sunday August 28. A unique opportunity to discover her music, sublimated by the immersive projections.


Better known under her alias RAMZi, Phoebé Guillemot is a Montréal-based music composer, sound designer, music curator and visual artist


Music From Memory; 12th Isle; FATi Records; Rvng Intl.; Mood Hut; Total Stasis


Cocon (FATi Records, 2020)
Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé (FATi Records, 2019)
Phobiza Amor Fati Vol. 3 (FATi Records, 2018)


In her rich and complex world, RAMZi explores a myriad of emotions, sounds and noises on which she applies layers of effects, moving all together in a beautiful organic harmony