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T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC

T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC
T. GowdyCA/QC

Connect MUTEK.ES - Première (MTL)

08.28 | 21:00_23:06
Live: 21:41_22:21

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08.29 | 15:00_17:06
Live: 15:41_16:21

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08.29 | 08:00_10:06
Live: 08:41_09:21

T. GowdyCA/QC

T. Gowdy is a Canadian music producer and audiovisual artist. He sang with the American Boychoir before pursuing classical guitar and sound recording at the Schulich School of Music. Over the past twelve years he has produced and engineered over sixty albums for such artists as SUUNS and Ada Lea. His audio/visual work has been featured at MUTEK Montréal and MUTEK Barcelona. T. Gowdy has released four solo albums, the latest of which is out now on Constellation, Therapy With Colour (2020).

T. Gowdy CA/QC


T. Gowdy is a Canadian electronic producer and audio-visual performer whose recently released album, Therapy With Colour plumbs the depths of the subconscious with soothing, pulsing waves of musique concrète indebted sound.


Experimental, Techno, Ambient


Constellation, Birdsounz, Liberation Through Hearing


Therapy With Colour (Constellation, 2020)
(Birdsounz, 2018)
Vitrify Kate
‎(Liberation Through Hearing, 2018)


2020's Therapy with Colour was created in real time during a tandem performance with visual artist Laura Buckley, based on self-hypnosis sessions with a homemade invention designed to promote relaxation of the mind and meditation.


Barcelona: 2021

Buenos Aires: 2021

Montréal: 2021