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Totalement SublimeCA/QC

Totalement Sublime<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Totalement SublimeCA/QC

Also the name given to a greige tone of the Bétonel brand of paints, Totalement Sublime better suits the duo consisting of musician and videographer Marc-Antoine Barbier, member of group Choses Sauvages, and singer-songwriter-composer Élie Raymond, who rose to fame as the frontman of English-speaking alternative ensemble Foreign Diplomats. Totalement Sublime was born from the two musicians’ shared desire to create without restraint or expectations. Their first album was crafted over a period of roughly two years and recorded in various locations between their respective bands’ tours. The duo composes music that is simultaneously introspective and danceable, blending Japanese-influenced sounds from the 80s (Yasuaki Shimizu, Ryuichi Sakamoto) and funky rhythmic impulse with a decidedly more abrasive and lo-fi angle.

THRU OAEE UIE is the working name for Totalement Sublime’s live laboratories in 2022. Merging sequencing, alternative rock and electronic music, the band aimed to shape its next album through live performances. Combining the work of documentary filmmaker Philémon Crète and broadcasting by ShiftRadio, the project becomes a uniquely danceable, ambient, introspective and beguiling experience.


Montréal-based experimental pop duo Totalement Sublime, consisting of singer-songwriter-composer Élie Raymond and musician and videographer Marc-Antoine Barbier




Totalement Sublime (Bonbonbon, 2020)


Totalement Sublime, the band’s eponymous first album, was nominated for Best Electronic Album of 2021 by the Québec Association for the Recording, Concert and Video Industries (ADISQ).