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Victor BongiovanniCA/QC

Victor Bongiovanni<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Victor BongiovanniCA/QC
Experience 2

08.24 | 17:00_23:00 Montréal time

After a decade as a respected figure in Montréal’s club scene, Victor Bongiovanni shifts the focus to his ambitions as a solo artist & producer.

In this new chapter the multi-instrumentalist turns fragments of his alternative, experimental and pop influences into deeply vulnerable and affecting compositions. The recipe is such: entrancing pop melodies, driving drums breaks and vibrant textures. The resulting soundscape depicts a fragile, decaying utopia existing somewhere between fantasy & recollection. Hot off the 2019 release of his band Paradis Artificiels’ eponymous album alongside fellow Montréalers Ouri and Odile Myrtil, his music now showcases his guitar playing as a central element of his production.

Born in Paris of Italian and Eastern European origin, Victor Bongiovanni is currently based in Montréal where he found a home in the city’s club scene as a teen. In his latest EP titled Dissociaterr, Victor Bongiovanni sings about past selves and new beginnings. The project is carried by stumbling drums and entrancing arpeggiated guitars that play throughout. Adding another layer of vulnerability, Bongiovanni’s whispery distant vocals feel introspective yet full of passion. In this dreamy pop infused offering, ambiguity becomes transparency, which in turn shows the artist in a whole new light.