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Esplanade Tranquille

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This page aims to communicate all available access-related information about Esplanade Tranquille. If you see anything that should be here, or you have any unanswered questions, please contact

Address: 1442 Clark, Montréal, QC H2X 1Z7
This venue will host MUTEK’s outdoor stage.
Programs: Experience 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
Dates and time: Each evening from Tuesday August 20-25, from 5-11pm

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The event will not be streamed and will only be available in person.

General overview

This public space and pedestrian zone in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles is a versatile, all-ages destination open year-round. This space is wheelchair accessible. Details can be found in the sections below.

There will be one main stage facing the esplanade, with a clear space to enjoy the shows in front of the stage and seated terrace areas from the middle to the end of the esplanade. The esplanade floor is made of concrete.

Although the main event happens outdoors, there is access to different rooms in the esplanade Tranquille pavillon indoor areas, on the ground floor and on the first floor, with various air-conditioned seated areas.

While MUTEK occurs from 5-11pm each day, both outdoor and indoor areas are public spaces, accessible to anyone free of charge from 9am to 10pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 11pm on weekends.

No outside alcohol is permitted at any time.

Space access and navigation

The purpose of this section is to provide information on navigating the site, accessibility and a general overview of the space's layout and operation.

Wheelchair accessibility

The outdoor stage is ground floor level and wheelchair accessible.
The entrance to the indoor area is at ground level and wheelchair accessible
The entrance is located on the middle left side of the esplanade when facing the stage, with automatic glass doors.


Wheelchair-accessible and gender neutral bathrooms are located on the ground floor, on the right side of the reception. There is a second set of automatic glass doors directly leading to the bathrooms from outside, on the right side of the main entrance.


More information to come


The esplanade Tranquille pavilion has an elevator for access the upper floor. More information to come.


Please bring a re-usable water bottle.
There are several water refill fountains available on the outdoors esplanade.
There are water fountains available inside the building, near the bathrooms.

Available food

Galaxie Brasserie, on the ground floor of the pavilion, serves a European-style menu.

A diverse selection of restaurants and cafés can be found in the Quartier des Spectacles. To learn more about them and plan your visit to Esplanade Tranquille, see the Quartier des Spectacles restaurant map.

Support and harm reduction

Chill zones

There are chill zones located outside throughout the esplanade terrace. The seated areas have a combination of regular chairs and tables, benches, as well as beanbags and rugs.
There is seated space away from the music available indoors, in the various open rooms:

  • Ground floor: "Le Repaire", a lively and comfortable living space designed for visitors of all ages, alone or in groups. With a variety of modular furniture and large tables to eat, drink, relax.
  • Second floor: "Le Grand Salon", an inviting and comfortable public lounge, designed as a place for socializing and relaxing.
  • Second floor: Outdoor terrace areas with tables and chairs with a view onto the esplanade Tranquille, making it possible to watch the performances from upstairs.

    GRIP kiosk and harm-reduction volunteers

    Present in all of our events, GRIP (Research and psychosocial intervention group) informs on the realities of substance uses and combinations, reducing the risks of consumption-related harm.
    GRIP staff will be present to support people’s experiences, identifiable in purple GRIP shirts.
    They are sober and trained in harm-reduction.
    There will be a kiosk containing educational information and harm reduction materials about safer consumption.
    The purple GRIP kiosk will be located on the middle-right side of the outdoors esplanade when facing the stage.

    Non-alcoholic beverage

    There is a variety of non-alcoholic options available in the two MUTEK bars, located outside on the esplanade.

    Support animals

    Support animals are allowed throughout the indoor and outdoor venue.

    Child care

    Child care is not provided for this event.


Accessible Transit

To use the STM’s Accessible Transit service, visit
It is recommended that you disembark at the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Urbain, or in the drop-off zone at 66 De Montigny. Esplanade Tranquille’s street address (1442 Clark) is inside a pedestrianized zone (universally accessible).


With its four-season bike paths, the Quartier is easily accessible by bike.

Saint-Urbain/René-Lévesque (north-south)
Boulevard De Maisonneuve (east-west)


St-Laurent metro station (de Maisonneuve / St-Laurent)


Berri-UQAM Metro (orange and green lines)
Saint-Laurent Metro (green line)
Place-des-Arts Metro (green line)


The Quartier can also be reached by 10 bus lines.

55 Boulevard Saint-Laurent (all-night bus 363)
80 Avenue du Parc (all-night bus 365)
129 Côte-Sainte-Catherine
435 Express Du Parc/Côte-des-Neiges
30 Saint-Denis/Saint-Hubert

15 Sainte-Catherine
125 Ontario
427 Express Saint-Joseph
715 Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port

747 Aéroport Montréal-Trudeau/Centre-ville


You can park your car in the streets surrounding the Quartier des Spectacles, according to the regulations in effect, or in the indoor and outdoor paid parking lots.

Sensory information

The outdoor stage sees an increase in sound volume and visual production, including flashing lights, as the evening progresses. There are no projected visuals and no smoke machines.
Indoor chill out zones are publicly accessible at all times for those who wish to spend time further away from the performance volumes. Please refer to the “Chill Zones” subheading in section 2 for more information.

Ear plugs

Free ear plugs will be present at the GRIP kiosk.
EarPeace earplugs, offering optimum protection without loss of listening quality, are on sale at our merchandise stand.


There are no scents involved in the production of the performances. However, we are not able to guarantee no scents from audience members or the use of other chemicals in the space ie. cleaners, paints, etc.

ASL-Music Interpretation

ASL-Music interpretation will not be provided.

Assistive devices

There are no additional assistive devices available by request.

For more information:

Esplanade Tranquille FAQ

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