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House of Moiré

An abstract atmospheric experience where users can explore a world outside our reality.

MUTEK is pleased to present the second virtual reality work in the Immersive Collection: House of Moiré de Chloé Alexandra Thompson CA/US & Matthew Edwards (aesthetic.stalemate) CA

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House of Moiré is now available at an affordable price on SteamVR:


Along with the rest of the Immersive Collection, Immortelle is part of the catalog of Astrea, the largest international distributor of immersive productions.

Treating space as an instrument

House of Moiré presents a marriage of op-art and immersion. In this linear, non-game and atmospheric piece, the visitor advances through rooms of an otherworldly home, choosing where to pause, look and listen as the surrounding architecture and sound objects reveal themselves.


The mysteries of physics

House of Moiré is the culmination of various iterations of Moiré, a series of A/V works which employ custom audio software, depth cameras, motion capture, and interactive design principles to investigate psycho-acoustics and sensory illusion.


« We were looking to push the tech from the very beginning »

Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Matthew Edwards (aka aesthetic.stalemate) are interdisciplinary artists and collaborators. Chloe is a composer and sound designer interested in the physicality of sound and mediation of technology in installation and performance, and Matthew blends installation art, performance and virtual reality.


Find it on Steam VR

If you have VR hardware that works with a computer, then it works with SteamVR. If you don't have VR hardware yet, now is the time.

The headsets support different feature sets, so the experience will vary from headset to headset. Immortal was built with Oculus Quest, but the piece can also be experienced very well with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index. Check out the different options to choose the one that suits you best.


About the Immersive Collection

As a festival presenting cutting-edge audiovisual performances — works that innovate to create a new language of sound and images — we have always strived to accompany artists across new boundaries of technology. 2022 opens up a new chapter for MUTEK, marking our first steps as an Extended Reality (XR) content producer. Five artists have stepped up to the challenge of reinventing a past festival performance into an XR artwork. The result is an eclectic yet coherent set of three different XR projects ranging from contemplative to surreal to dynamic: Entanglement XR by France Jobin & Markus Heckmann, House of Moiré by Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards (aesthetic.stalemate), and Immortelle by Line Katcho

Discover on Steam

House of Moiré

Producteur – MUTEK
Concept and creative co-direction – Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards
Sound Design and Spatialization
– Chloe Alexandra Thompson
Visual design
– Matthew Edwards
Technical Support – J'vlyn D'ark, Guillaume Bourassa, Danny Nguyen, Paul Georges
Storyboard Support
– Olivia McGilchrist
– Astrea Immersive

MUTEK Immersive Collection

Producer – Katharina Meissner
Production Manager
– Lola Baraldi
Curator – Alain Mongeau
Visual Identity
– Tamara Manny D’Astous
Communications – Lola Baraldi, Thomas Giboudeaux, Grégoire Chevron

© Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards

MUTEK acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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