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This page aims to communicate all available access-related information about MTELUS. If you see anything that should be here, or you have any unanswered questions, please contact

Address: 59 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, Québec H2X 1K5
: Métropolis 1 & 2
Dates and times
• Metropolis 1 : August 23 from 11pm to 4am
• Metropolis 2 : August 24 from 11pm to 4am


This event will not be streamed and only available in person.

General overview

MTELUS is a performance hall located in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles.
No outside alcohol is permitted at any time.
Once admitted, passholders can enter and exit the venue by showing their stamp at the entrance.

Space access and navigation

Wheelchair accessibility

The main entrance has a few steps, but a stairlift can be provided upon request at the reception desk.
The ground floor of MTELUS is accessible to people with reduced mobility, but the balcony is not. The main hall offers several levels of visibility and has access ramps.
There are seating areas on the balcony and on the ground floor.


1 wheelchair accessible toilet is available on the ground floor, near the bar at the entrance to the room. 2 gender-neutral toilets are available on the ground floor.


Please bring a reusable water bottle.
The MTELUS bars will provide free water, and two water fountains will be available on the balcony.

Available food

No food is available during our events at MTELUS.

Support and harm reduction

Chill zone

A chill zone is set up at the MTELUS café and includes tables, chairs, and poufs.

GRIP Stand and Harm Reduction Volunteers

Present in all of our events, GRIP (Research and psychosocial intervention group) informs on the realities of substance uses and combinations, reducing the risks of consumption-related harm.GRIP staff will be present to support people’s experiences, identifiable in purple GRIP shirts.
They are sober and trained in harm-reduction.
There will be a kiosk containing educational information and harm reduction materials about safer consumption.
The purple GRIP kiosk will be located on the middle-right side of the outdoors esplanade when facing the stage.

Non-alcoholic beverages

The 4 MTELUS bars, located on the left and right sides of the main hall and the balcony, offer non-alcoholic beverages.

Support animals

Service animals are allowed but not recommended due to the room's high decibels.

Child care

Child care is not provided for this event.


Acccessible Transit

To use the STM’s Accessible Transit service, visit please visit:

It is recommended that you disembark at the entrance of the Saint-Laurent metro station located at 110 De Maisonneuve for easy access.


The surrounding bike paths are located along Saint Urbain Street (protected lane) and Boulevard de Maisonneuve (shared lane). However, there is no bike lane on the street where the venue is located.


Saint-Laurent (green line)


Saint Laurent/Sainte Catherine : bus 55, 129, 363
Saint-Laurent/De Maisonneuve: bus 465
Station Saint-Laurent/De Maisonneuve: bus 55, 363


You can park your vehicle on the streets surrounding the Quartier des spectacles, following the current regulations in place.

Sensory information

Visual and auditory effects may have a negative impact on certain individuals. Photosensitivity varies from person to person. Please be aware that while we do our best to identify performances that may trigger reactions in advance, many of our shows are audiovisual and may include visual images, including lights or strobe effects that could provoke reactions.

For more details, please refer to the program pages for each event:
Métropolis 1
Métropolis 2

Chill out zones are publicly accessible at all times for those who wish to spend time further away from the performance volumes. Please refer to the “Chill Zones” subheading in section 2 for more information.


Free ear plugs will be present at the GRIP kiosk.
EarPeace earplugs, offering optimum protection without loss of listening quality, are on sale at our merchandise stand.


There are no scents involved in the production of the performances. However, we are not able to guarantee no scents from audience members or the use of other chemicals in the space ie. cleaners, paints, etc.

ASL-Music Interpretation

ASL-Music interpretation will not be provided.

Assistive Devices

There are no additional assistive devices available by request.

For more information :


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Photo credits : © Bruno Destombes, Vivien Gaumand