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August 16, 2023
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The 2023 Eco Guide, presented by RECYC-QUÉBEC

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As MUTEK Montreal returns, so do our ecological objectives. We continue learning about how to reduce the impact of our events, and hope to embark the audience on this transformation. With the support of our partner RECYC-QUÉBEC, the transformation is well underway. To go even further, we need your help.

Contribute to the achievement of our objectives by adopting simple actions and learning more about our own.

What can the audience do?

► Use the waste sorting bins (recycling in green, final waste in black, compost in brown, cans in the deposit bins, liquids at the sorting station and cigarette butts in an ashtray). If you're not sure how to sort, our Green Team will be happy to help you!

► Encourage restaurant venues that prioritize local and vegetarian produce in re-usable containers. Some nearby options include Omma, Lola Rosa or Omnivore.

► Eat from your reusable containers and utensils: food is accepted at our outdoor stage.

► Get around by active and public transportation (walking, bikes, bixi, bus, metro, carpooling if you're coming from further away). There is plenty of bike parking in front of the Saint-Laurent metro station. You can access carpooling offers to our Festival on the AmigoExpress web page.

Avoid printing your tickets if you can have them available on your smartphones.

► Bring your reusable water bottle. Water fountains and water points will be available at all Festival and Forum venues. No bottle? Ask for an Ecocup at a festival bar!

►Bring your reusable coffee mug to the Festival for coffee at the Second Cup station, and for coffee break at the Forum.

► Are you participating in the Forum? Bring a lanyard from a previous event to encourage recycling. Remember to return your name tag and lanyard at the end so that we can reuse it next year!

► Download RECYC-QUÉBEC's free "Ça va où?" app, a practical tool for understanding where to recycle our objects and how to properly sort materials.

► Want to help us offset our carbon emissions? You can make a contribution by purchasing carbon credits or sustainable aviation fuel (recommended option) through our partners, The Climate Gig.

Compensation for artists

Compensation for audiences

What does MUTEK do?

Waste reduction: We work with several partners to ensure a recycling and waste reduction system at all venues, thanks to our collaborator RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Zero plastic: Single-use plastic is banned from MUTEK managed venues. We give festival-goers on-site access to ecocups at various bars. In addition, our containers and cutlery are all compostable, recyclable or reusable.

► The Forum is entirely vegetarian and catered by Nilufar, Omnivore, Bouchée Double and The Zero Waste Project who respectively reduce waste, fight against food waste and favour vegan products. These caterers use short food circuit products.

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Reduction of printing: Our prints are FSC certified (certified sustainably managed forests), on recyclable paper. We reuse or revalue signage.

ACT Artist Room Certifications: For the third year in a row, our artist green rooms are certified eco-friendly by Artist Citizens on Tour (ACT).

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offset: A 1% eco-fee is contributed by MUTEK for each Festival and Forum ticket and pass. Our partner EarthPercent doubles the amount to support organizations fighting against climate change.

Event Life Cycle Project: MUTEK is part of the project led by the Réseau des femmes en environnement (Women in the Environment Network), the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables and AGECO on the analysis of the life cycle of events in Quebec. This project draws a concrete summary of our event's carbon imprint.

► Data collection: To always better understand our impact, data collection is essential. We work with Modus Operandi to account for residual materials and the recycling rate. We also participate in the implementation of the Creative Green tool.

Shining light on our partners

Merch: This year, we developed a merch collection designed, produced and embroidered in Quebec in collaboration with artists Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules and Emma Forgues. All entrusted to manufacturers who have an ethical and responsible charter: the unionized Quebec manufacturer C'est Beau offers t-shirts made from organic and recycled materials. At Robin des bas, a pair purchased is a pair offered to a homeless person. Our unique keychains models are made from recycled scraps and cut at the certified eco-responsible Robocut studio.

► Caterers and food suppliers: We only serve DAM oat milk at our Forum. Organic, local milk in reusable containers. The Zero Waste Project provides us with platters of organic vegetables and fights food waste.

► Accommodation: The Monville Hotel and the St. Lo Montreal Inn are committed to local sourcing and actively strive towards sustainable development. The Monville is furnished and notably supplied by local suppliers, while the St. Lo repairs as much as possible of their materials on site, thanks to the woodworking space which they created.

Local drinks: Enjoy our selection of locally crafted beverages. This year we are partnering with Dieu du Ciel! beers, Club Local spirits, Le Seltzer soft drinks, and Zamalek.

► Local businesses: Our partner businesses, such as Fleurs & Cadeaux, Osmo x Marusan and Sans Soleil, promote local ingredients and flavors, whether culinary or artistic. Learn more and take advantage of discounts by visiting our Discover Montreal page.

Zero Dechet
Cest Beau
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Robin des bois
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Sustainability in our programming

This year's Forum program addresses artificial intelligence, the climate crisis, sustainability and our ability to adapt to these new realities.

From August 22 to 26, come and discover ANIMATE at The 7Fingers (2109 Boul. Saint-Laurent). It’s an immersive experience in VR, of a future that may await us, a future disrupted by climate change.

Join us on August 22 for the Future Festivals Panel: Forging New Horizons. A discussion to address the new challenges faced by the Canadian and global festival community in the face of recent crises and climate change.

The XR Salon on August 24 will host the XR Landscapes Presentations: three XR projects inspired by the themes of climate and ecology, which involve viewers traveling to a new world, altering the connection they have with their environment.

The discussion continues on August 25 with the conference In search of sustainable inspiration: greening the electronic music industry with Eli Goldstein, co-founder of DJs for Climate Action and half of producer duo Soul Clap, presenting the results. of his thesis which aims to develop a plan towards a climate commitment of the industry. Accompanied by Brighid Fry, artist and co-founder of Music Declares Emergency Canada, Goldstein will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the fight against climate change, while inviting the public to a collective reflection and proposing concrete solutions that promise to guide us. towards a better (greener) future.

To find out more:

Article : From Soundscapes to Landscapes

Partnership Announcement EarthPercent

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04 FORUM panel Naomi Johnson
05 Paysages XR
06 FORUM presentation Olivia Mc Gilchrist
07 FORUM keynote 25 08
08 FORUM keynote Brighid Fry
09 FORUM keynote Eli Goldstein
10 presentation 25 08
11 FORUM presentation Sorrel Salb

Some numbers from last year...

- 74% of the waste collected was recycled, composted and diverted from landfill.
- 30% of GHG emissions from artist flights were offset through public and festival donations to the PLANETAIR organization
- Zero single-use plastic available at MUTEK venues
- In 2023, MUTEK has set the goal of achieving level 2 of the BNQ standard for responsible event management.

The eco 2023 guide is presented by

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