Edition 2000

The first edition of MUTEK was launched by Alain Mongeau, as part of his mandate as Director of New Media Programming at the Ex-Centris complex. Already functioning as Artistic Director for Montreal’s International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM), MUTEK is conceived originally as a complimentary platform to FCMM, designed to explore the intersection between sound, music and new media. With a home base at the Ex-Centris complex, MUTEK 2000 also held showcases in smaller venues like Café Campus and Laika. The first line-up featured 34 artists as well as label showcases by Mille Plateaux, ~scape, Raster-Noton, and Caipirihna, and approximately 2000 people attended.

2000 Affiche MUTEK low quality

Akufen CA/QC / Alexandre St-Onge CA / Byetone DE / Carsten Nicolai DE / Deadbeat CA/QC / Frank Bretschneider DE / Mitchell Akiyama CA / Pheek CA / Pole DE / Signal DE / Taylor Deupree US / Thomas Brinkmann DE / Vladislav Delay FI / and more…