Montréal Québec Canada
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Edition 2001

“All in all, what I’m really committed to is to provide the electronic music scene with a real festival, where we could talk about all the dimensions related to the artistic practice underlying the scene. So just like there are festivals for cinema, theater, dance, so there would be one specifically around [electronic] music and sound.” – Alain Mongeau, in Incursion.

Along with over 45 artists who participated in this edition, MUTEK hosted larger events which were moved from the Café Campus to the Society of Art and Technology (SAT). The SAT became a MUTEK long-term partner.

Running from May 30th to June 3rd, the festival attracted approximately 3,700 people, almost doubling the previous year’s benchmark as more and more public from out of town begin considering the festival a worthwhile excursion: 23% of festival-goers come from outside of the province of Quebec. To accompany the 2001 festival program, the MUTEK_REC label produced its first-ever compilation.

MUTEK Montreal Festival 2001 low quality

Closer Musik DE / Dimbiman DE / Ghislain Poirier CA / Jeremy P. Caulfield CA / Jetone (Tim Hecker) CA / Matmos US / Matthew Herbert UK / Mike Shannon CA / Rechenzentrum DE / Ricardo Villalobos DE/CL / and more…