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Edition 2003

“MUTEK was the most interesting, the best, and the most inspiring thing that I have ever been a part of - and that I've ever seen - that had anything to do with electronic music.” – Richie Hawtin, in Exclaim!

MUTEK expands its programming for the Metropolis while moving their planned SAT events to the Just For Laughs Museum. The SAT, this year, is in the midst of moving to a new location.

72 performers participated in this edition, with the final night featuring the first-ever Narod Niki performance, an all-star jam session conceived by Ricardo Villalobos and Dimbiman.

Panel discussions also expand and diversify. Over 600 people attend the discussions to listen to over 40 delegates speak freely a number of issues facing the genre. MUTEK’s ramifications take unexpected directions, with an initial showcase in Chile and a tour of Mexico. Showcases also take place in France, Germany, Spain, and the US.

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2003 Affiche MUTEK low quality

Akufen CA/QC / Christof Migone CA / Clinker CA / Cobblestone Jazz CA / Coil UK / Dan Bell US / Dandy Jack CL / Dimbiman DE / EGG CA / Kevin Drumm US / Luciano CH / Marina Rosenfeld US / Martin Tétreault CA / Matthew Dear US / Monolake DE / Montag CA / Morceaux_de_machines CA / Philip Jeck UK / Pita AT / Ricardo Villalobos DE/CL / Richie Hawtin CA / Senor Coconut CL / Sixtoo CA / Telefon Tel Aviv US / T. Raumschmiere DE / Tujiko Noriko JP / and more…