Montréal Québec Canada
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Edition 2005

“MUTEK, Montreal's festival of digital music and media arts, has already proven itself to be one of the world's premier festivals of its kind. Having already held events in Europe and the US and put on festivals in Chile and Mexico, in March, MUTEK added China to its proverbial bedpost.” – Jon Campbell, Art Fairs International (Beijing)

The Montreal festival, now in its 6th edition, features 125 artists. For the first time, MUTEK collaborates with Montreal’s Museum for Contemporary Arts, on installation work by Skoltz_Kolgen entitled “asKaa”.

Working for the first time with the designers FEED on the festival’s look, the results end up winning two awards from Toronto’s APPLIED ARTS magazine for their work on the overall program (poster, postcard, schedule, catalogue, CD, T-shirt), as well as in the best poster design category. FEED goes on to capture three more distinctions from Montreal’s GRAFIKA awards in the “Poster Design”, “Brochure Design”, and “Overall Program Design” categories. Furthermore, MUTEK’S web developers, PIXEL CIRCUS, also get a GRAFIKA award for the MUTEK website.

For a second consecutive year, MUTEK is named finalist for QWARTZ ELECTRONIC MUSIC AWARD, in the category of “Best Electronic Music Event”. Continuing with its international activities, MUTEK begins the year with a tour, traveling with a delegation of artists to China. Stops include Beijing, Cheng Du, and Shenzen. MUTEK reinforces its ties with two other North American electronic-music festivals, DEMF (Detroit) and Decibel (Seattle), with invitations to both events.

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